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What should happen and why? What will change?

What will change?

  • The aim is to return the dignity to the Exhibition Grounds that, as a complex of city-wide significance, they deserve.
  • The Exhibition Grounds should be opened up to the public and linked to the whole district.
  • The first step in the renovation of the grounds was  the creation of a general concept. Announcement of the architectural competition for the gateways is part of the first stage of the transformation of the area.
About the project

Project base points


Comencement: 2017 
Completion: 2018

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?

Petr Sladký, Martina Novotná, Dominika Otevřelová, Jindra Novotná, Tomáš Křen

The role of IPR prague

Competition organizer and compiler of competition terms  


Project, architectural, open, anonymous single round, international competition 

Contact details

Questions and inquiries: Ing. arch. Jan Kadlas, 236004633, kadlas@ipr.praha.eu, guarantor 

Media contact: Mgr. Marek Vácha, vacha@ipr.praha.eu, 723 444 291, press spokesperson

The Competition

The subject-matter of the competition was to come up with an architectural design for the treatment of the main entranceway to Prague Exhibition Grounds, or the building of two new gateways with amenities, and to cultivate the adjacent public space. The aim of renovating the gateways and adjacent space is to open up the Exhibition Grounds complex to the public and incorporate it within the structure of the surrounding city.


Members of the jury – independent

Ing. arch. Miroslav Cikán, architect, Chair of the jury

Ing. arch. Markéta Cajthamlová, architect

MgA. David Kubík, architect

Ing. arch. Vítězslav Danda, architect

MgA. Radim Babák, architect, designer

Members of the jury – dependent

Mgr. Adriana Krnáčová, MBA, Mayor of the City of Prague

Ing. Pavel Klaška, Member of the Board of Directors at Rozvojové projekty Praha 

MgA. Marek Kopeć, Head of the Office of Projects and Competitions at IPR 

Ing. arch. Lenka Burgerová PhDr., Councillor at the Municipal District of Prague 7

Substitute members of the jury - independent

Ing. arch. Petr Bouřil, architect

MgA. Filip Kosek, architect

Substitute members of the jury – dependent

Jan Wolf, Councillor of the City of Prague

Mgr. Karel Klíma, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors at Rozvojové projekty Praha

Ing. arch. Jakub Hendrych, architect at the Office of Public Space at IPR 

2nd place, design no. 8
3rd place, design no. 11
Soutěžní návrhy


The winning competition proposal

First prize was not awarded. After an in-depth discussion, the jury agreed that not one of the competition proposals was of such a quality to be awarded first prize. The team that came in 2nd place therefore won.