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What should happen and why?

What should happen?

  • 25,000 people will find a home here;
  • 11,000 apartments will be constructed;
  • 29,000 jobs will be created;
  • 5,000 school places for children will be created;
  • The Letná and Holešovice neighborhoods will be connected;
  • Administrative buildings and a residential area will be built in the northern part of the area;
  • The administrative buildings will have at least six to eight floors, but a maximum of 12; 
  • A central park with an area of six hectares will be constructed;
  • Adaptation to climate change - tree-lined streets, local water retention wherever possible and green roofs of buildings – will receive special attention;
  • The area will be served by various modes of transport; 
  • New road bridges and footbridges will be constructed;
  • A connection to the rapid transit system leading to the airport will be created;
  • A Memorial of Silence will be elaborated in the spaces of the Bubny railway station; and 
  • The new Vltavská Philharmonic Hall will be constructed.

About the project


Commencement: 2024
Completion: 2040

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?

Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten GmbH
Pelčák a partner architekti

The role of IPR Prague

Planning study contracting authority


A planning study as the basis for changing the zoning plan

Take a look at the final version of the planning study – Planning Study – Clean Copy

You can find the pictorial annex on the main changes in this PDF.

Contact details:

For project queries, please contact:  Milan Brlík MSc., 236004575, brlik@ipr.praha.eu, Guarantor

For media queries, please contact: Mgr. Marek Vácha, vacha@ipr.praha.eu, 723 444 291, Press Spokesperson

Documents for download

zip (32,53 MB) koncepce_urbanistickeho_rozvoje_holesovic.zip
Koncepce urbanistického rozvoje Holešovic
pdf (15,18 MB) concept_of_urban_development_of_holesovice_gabu_heindl_architektur.pdf
Concept of urban development of Holešovice Gabu Heindl Architektur Staedtebau
zip (52,06 MB) fachgutachten_konzeption_der_urbanen_entwicklung_von_holesovice_muller_reimann_architekten.zip
Fachgutachten Konzeption der urbanen Entwicklung von Holesovice – Thomas Müller, Ivan Reimann Architekten
pdf (27,72 MB) proverovaci_studie_filharmonie_pelcak_a_partner_architekti.pdf
Prověřovací studie filharmonie na Vltavské – Pelčák a partner architekti
pdf (114,1 MB) koncepce_urbanniho_rozvoje_holesovice_cmc_architects.pdf
Koncepce urbánního rozvoje Holešovice – CMC Architects
pdf (17,34 MB) proverovaci_studie_filharmonie.pdf
Prověřovací studie filharmonie na Vltavské – D3A
pdf (10,43 MB) koncepce_urbanniho_rozvoje_holesovic_d3a.pdf
Koncepce urbánního rozvoje Holešovic – D3A