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What should happen and why? What will change?

What should happen?

  • The connection between Stromovka and the river will be improved 
  • Recreation conditions for Prague residents will be improved
  • Traffic along the waterfront will be reduced
  • A supplement to the existing bridge is being considered, for example a bascule-type footbridge to Císařský ostrov.
  • A new café and sanitary facilities will be located on the waterfront, as these are currently missing in this part of the park.
  • There will be a more even use of the parks in the Troja Basin, thus easing pressure on the main parts of Stromovka and the Troja Embankment.
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2017 
Completion: n/a

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?

Ateliér MV

The role of IPR Prague

Conceptual study developer


Conceptual study

Contact details

If you have any queries:  Ing. arch. Jan Kadlas, 236004633, kadlas@ipr.praha.eu, guarantor 

For the media: Mgr. Marek Vácha, vacha@ipr.praha.eu, 723 444 291, press spokesperson