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What should happen and why? What will change?

What should happen?

  • The vicinity of the National Museum has been made more pleasant in general
  • A new public space between the National Museum buildings has been created
  • Vehicle transit is still possible
  • Cycling opportunities have been improved 
  • A unifying element has been introduced - specific light granite paving in the Prague format of a large cube that corresponds to the renewed color of the National Museum building 
  • Traffic-related changes in connection with the reconstruction of Vinohradská Street
  • Addition of widening pedestrian crossings
  • Replenishment of trees planted directly in the pavement with raised beds thus ensuring better water retention 
  • Renovation of Čelakovské sady to improve the safety and layout of the park 
  • New connection to the tram line on Vinohradská and Škrétova streets
  • Extension of the Muzeum tram stop island
  • Implementation of a pilot location with benches, trash cans and a bicycle stand from the designer competition for new Prague street furniture
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2018
Completion: 2018

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?


The role of IPR prague




contact details

If you have any queries: Ing. arch. Jakub Hendrych, hendrych@ipr.praha.eu, 777 136  176, project head

For the media: Mgr. Marek Vácha, vacha@ipr.praha.eu, 723 444 291, press spokesperson