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The North-South Magistrala is going to change.

The North-South Magistrala is going to change. This busy traffic artery will become a lively city boulevard connecting people, urban amenities, and individual municipal districts. The concept for the development of the North-South Magistrala was prepared by the renowned Danish Gehl Architects based on our assignment. Modifications to the surrounding streets and parks are planned, as are new crossings, the cultivation of the surrounding parks, squares and public buildings. The vision of the Magistrala sounds clear and confident - a connecting city boulevard.

What should happen and why? What will change?

What will happen?

  • Important locations will be connected and their value promoted. 
  • Attractive places and spaces will be created. 
  • The quality and choice of transport type will be improved. 
  • Parking should be moved away from squares and parks to the streets.
  • Parks, squares and public buildings will be easily accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. 
  • The cultural district around the National Museum will be cultivated. 
  • Street furniture and elements of a city boulevard will be added. 
  • The streets will be modified to allow the development of stores and amenities on the ground floors of adjacent buildings.
  • The humanization of the Magistrala has 3 key principles: environment, people, and mobility
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2016
Completion: n/a

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?

Gehl Architect

The role of IPR prague

Contracting authority for the concept


Magistrala concept - a connecting city boulevard

contact details

If you have any queries:   Ing. arch. Jakub Hendrych,, 777 136  176, project head

For the media: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, 723 444 291, press spokesperson

Prague City Council resolutions

1995 - Urban study and design for modification of the North-South Magistrala between the Main Railway Station and Nuselský bridge (DHV CR + VHE et al.)

2000 - Update of the urban study of the Prague Monument Reserve (ÚRM) 

2004 - Urban study of traffic on the NSM in the section behind the National Museum (SURM + SATRA + UDI)

2007/8 – Traffic study in the Prague 2 municipal district - 1st stage, 2nd stage; (Prague 2 municipal district; UDI)

2008 - Ecological solution for traffic on the NSM in the Main Train Station - Nuselský Bridge section (contracting authority Prague 2 municipal district; Metroprojekt Praha)

2008 - Calming of the North-South Magistrala in the area near the National Museum (contracting authority Directorate of Roads and Motorways, Pragoprojekt)

2008 - Technical-economic study for calming the NSM in the Rumunská - Bolzanova section (SATRA + VHE et al.)

2009 - Calming the North-South Magistrala (Auto*Mat)

2009/10 - Component traffic-engineering documents on topics for the Prague 4 municipal district (ÚRM)

2010 - Humanization of the Prague Magistrala in the Nuselský Bridge and 5. května Street section - idea study (Atelier K2)

2010 - Humanization of the NSM - introductory study (URM+TSK-ÚDI)

2011 – ARTERY – Prague‘s north – south arterial road conversion (Elastik, MAT studio)

2012 - Urban analysis of the North-South Magistrala in the Nové Město - Vinohrady section (ÚRM)

2012 - Concept for calming the North-South Magistrala (SATRA + VHE)

2012/13 - “Initiative for the Humanization of the North-South Magistrala” memorandum (Prague 2, 4 and 7 municipal districts) + Initiative for the Humanization of the Magistrala + Details of Intersection Modifications (Ateliér DUA studio)

2017 – Gehl architects study: Magistrala - a connecting city boulevard (Gehl architects)

Documents for download