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The Prague Exhibition Grounds site has the potential to take on a role of city-wide significance.

The Prague Exhibition Grounds site has the potential to take on a role of city-wide significance. The grounds (both the individual buildings themselves and the adjacent public space) are currently in poor technical condition, however. The site has been run since 2015 by Výstaviště Praha, a.s., the single shareholder in which is the City of Prague. The objective is to renovate the site in stages. We have therefore compiled a concept for the future use of the grounds, which could easily become a unique multi-functional zone of all-day recreation in the wider center of Prague with close ties to the Troja Basin and Stromovka park. 

What should happen and why? What will change?

What should happen?

  • The exhibition grounds should be divided into five zones.
  • The individual zones will be dedicated - to culture (Industrial Palace, Lapidárium, AVU Pavilion, Water World, restaurant), entertainment, sport (Main Sports Hall, Small Sports Hall, swimming pool, and Pyramida Theatre), relaxation, and space for open-air events (Křižíkova Fountain and pavilions, Maroldovo Panorama and Spirála Theatre).
  • The grounds must be connected to Stromovka and the Troja Basin, opened to the public, individual buildings reclaimed as public space, and the overall accessibility of the grounds cultivated.
  • The aim is also to make the grounds more clearly arranged.
  • A water biotope, barbecue area, and bicycle cross track should be deployed.
  • Reconstruction work on Křižíkova Fountain and Spirála Theatre is also planned.
  • The plan includes the timing of individual stages in the general renovation of the grounds. The first stage involves the announcement of an architectural competition for the gateways.
  • Another architectural competition will then be announced, this time for the temporary roofing of the left-wing of the Industrial Palace
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2013 
Completion: 2016

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?


The role of IPR prague

Compiler of the concept


Concept of future use

Contact details

Questions and inquiries: Ing. arch. Jan Kadlas, 236004633,, guarantor 

Media contact: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, 723 444 291, press spokesperson