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A street as a place for relaxation and as a pleasant place to meet.

A street as a place for relaxation and as a pleasant place to meet. A vision for the future of Táborská Street. Better conditions await for the comfortable and safe movement of pedestrians, better arrangement of parking, benches and restaurant front gardens. We compiled a concept plan for Táborská/Na Pankráci Street in collaboration with Dopravní podnik (Transport Authority) and the Municipal District of Prague 4. The plan deals with a coordinated approach to the reconstruction of Táborská, Na Pankráci, Na Veselí and Soudní streets It will serve for the onward development and optimization of the spatial and traffic layout. It will also become a binding document for follow-up project documentation.

What is intended to happen and why? What will change?

What is intended to happen?

  • Motivation to use different types of transport
  • Ensuring the conditions for the comfortable and safe movement of pedestrians
  • Barrier-free street crossing on the desirable and already used pedestrian routes
  • Barrier-free access to public transport stops
  • The optimization and more appropriate layout of parking
  • The area of the street as a space for trees and front gardens
  • The street as a place of relaxation - benches possibly installed
  • The load caused by the grade separated crossing of the North-South arterial road with Táborská and Na Veselí streets will be dealt with by creating a level connection of all streets, which will help bridge and unify two parts of the city and revitalize the nearby street level.
About the project

project base points


Start: 2019 
Completion: 2021

How much will it cost? 

CZK 1.4 billion           

Who will do the work?       


The role of IPR prague

Developer of conceptual study 


Conceptual study 
More in chapter 600 of the Conceptual study (140 MB).

Contact details

Questions and inquiries: Ing. arch. Jakub Hendrych,, 777 136  176, project manager

For the media: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, 723 444 291, press spokesperson

Documents for download