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A square, park and garden. Karlovo náměstí has considerable historical and symbolic importance.

A square, park and garden. Karlovo náměstí has considerable historical and symbolic importance. It unfortunately also has a lot of problems. It is adversely impacted by traffic congestion, poor maintenance, insufficient public lighting, the suffocation of the surfaces and poor irrigation. Now, however, the largest square in the Czech Republic is undergoing reconstruction. The square’s new appearance was designed by the German landscape studio Rehwaldt Landscape Architects in cooperation with the Czech architectural studio BY Architects and the Czech transportation engineers PD Filip. The architects were selected by the city through a progressive procedure with competitive dialog allowing all the stakeholders to be directly involved in the development of the design. We became the organizers of the competitive dialog in which 5 leading Czech and foreign teams participated.

What should happen and why? What will change?

What should happen?

  • The new path layout will allow comfortable passage through the square.
  • In addition to the large lawns, the southern part of the park will also offer a children’s playground and a new café. 
  • Important flower beds will be restored in the central part.
  • The northern part of the park near the New Town Hall will now provide paved areas for social and cultural events and/or local markets. 
  • The design is reminiscent of the Corpus Christi Chapel. The authors recall this historical monument with a light installation indicating the paths along which pilgrims came to the chapel.                 
  • The long-term vision for the development of the square stretches to 2048, when Karlovo náměstí will celebrate 700 years since its establishment. The authors of the revitalization anticipate a gradual calming of traffic to such an extent that it will free the entire eastern side only for pedestrians and enable the creation of a city promenade linking to Vodičkova Street.               
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2013      
Completion: 2025

How much will it cost?

CZK 250 m

Who will do the work?

Rehwaldt Landscape Architects
BY architects
Projekce dopravní Filip
The Prague City Hall Investment Department is also running the project (contact person Ivana Řehořová,

The role of ipr prague

Organiser of the procedure with competitive dialog


Competitive dialog

contact details

If you have any queries:  Rozálie Kašparová  MSc., 236004744,, guarantor

For the media: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, 723 444 291, press spokesperson

Competitive proposals
1st place
1st place
Author team

Rehwaldt Landscape Architects ve spolupráci BY Architects a PD FILIP

zip (1.35 MB)
pdf (1.38 MB) rehwaldt_la_by_architects_pd_filip_pudorysy_2025_2050_ktecwj7q.pdf
pdf (18.43 MB) rehwaldt_la_by_architects_pd_filip_team_portfolio_ktecwj7q.pdf
pdf (373.49 kB) rkn_zaverecne_hodnoceni_rehwaldt_la_by_architects_pd_filip_ktecwj7q.pdf


Ordinary members of the committee - non-independent

Adriana Krnáčová, mayor of Prague

Václav Vondrášek, deputy mayor of the Prague 2 municipal district

Pavla Melková, IPR board member 

Karel Prajer, director of the Strategic Investment Department at Prague City Hall       

Ordinary members of the committee - independent

Almut Jirku, landscape architect, Senat Berlin, BDLA member

Cornelius Scherzer, landscape architect, Technical University of Dresden

Ladislav Lábus, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture CTU Prague

Michal Fišer, architect, Třiarchitekti

Petr Hlaváček, historian and philosopher, Collegium Europaeum

Substitutes - non-independent

Jana Plamínková, Councillor of Prague
Sylvie Hájková, Head of the Development Office of the Prague 2 municipal district
Štěpán Špoula, authorized landscape architect, IPR Prague
Petr Hankovec, Head of the Water Management and Transport Constructions Department, Strategic Investment Department at Prague City Hall

Substitutes - independent

Suzanne Spurná, authorized landscape architect
Štěpán Valouch, authorized architect, Opočenský-Valouch architekti
Antonín Novák, authorized architect, DRNH

Documents for download