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Seifertova Street is one of the most important points of intersection in Žižkov.

Seifertova Street is one of the most important points of intersection in Žižkov. Prague therefore gave us the task of compiling a concept plan for the locality. The edit architects studio in Žižkov, which is based only a short distance from the area concerned, was given the role of compiler of the study. Reconstruction will be separated into two stages. The first considers Táboritská Street and the most easterly part of Seifertova Street and the area around the Olšanské náměstí public transport stop. The concept plan that focuses on the first stage has already been completed. The second stage concerns the whole of Seifertova Street. As soon as both studies have been approved by city management, Dopravní podnik (Transport Authority) will request the compilation of documentation for planning permission.

What should happen and why? What will change?

What should happen?

The concept plan will be carried out in two stages.

Stage 1 (Táboritská Street and part of Seifertova Street)

  • The assignment of the study concerns the treatment of part of Seifertova Street and the whole of Táboritská Street. 
  • There are three neuralgic points - the crossing of Seifertova and Chlumova, the stairway between Rokycanová and Chelčického, and the surroundings of the Bezovka shopping center.
  • New pedestrian crossings will be created in the streets.
  • Those already there will become barrier-free.
  • Tram stops and sidewalks will also undergo modification.
  • New trees and benches might also be added.
  • “Bridleway stairs” - low stairs that provide gradual ascent - will be created, with possible pleasant seating (the intersection of Seifertova and Chlumova streets). 
  • The stairway where Rokycanova connects to Chelčického will undergo reconstruction - the individual levels will be supplemented with LED diodes, the bottom part with a water element, the upper part with a round bench dedicated to the legendary “wild man of Žižkov” František Sauer.
  • As with Seifertova Street, the area of the Bezovka shopping center has a high barrier in the shape of the walls of underground garages. A new staircase will therefore be installed, set into the wall of the underground garage and connecting the sidewalk to the area in front of Bezovka.
  • You can find the concept plan here
  • The eastern part of Táboritská Street and the public space around Olšanské náměstí public transport stop are dealt with in a separate study compiled by the Municipal District of Prague 3 (Sinpps). The study proposes comprehensive treatment of the area around the tram stops, improving permeability, improving safety for pedestrians, and above all introducing new trees and making the space greener in general.

Stage 2 (Seifertova Street) 

  • We are currently preparing the assignment of a concept plan for Seifertova Street along the section from the U Bulhara crossing to the crossing with Chlumova Street.
  • The plan will include the concept of “blue-green infrastructure”, including a system of rainwater management.
  • This stems from the need to respond to the impacts of climate change on the city environment associated with extreme rainfall and drought.
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2016
Completion: 2020

How much will it cost?

CZK 37 million

Who will do the work?

edit architects 

The role of IPR Prague

The contracting authority of the conceptual study


Conceptual study

contract details

Questions and inquiries:  Ing. Jitka Romanov,, 23600 5014, 721 446 321, area guarantor

For the media: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, 723 444 291, press spokesperson