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Small interventions, big impacts. This could be the summary of the Prague Tables & Chairs project we launched in 2015. You can find our simple black chairs with the red Prague logo and the project logo all over the city. They enliven squares, waterfronts, streets, parks, courtyards and the areas in front of public buildings. Unlike classic benches, Prague chairs can be easily moved, rotated and carried. We prepared an upgrade in 2019 - the Prague Chairs & Spaces project.  This involves temporary changes to various public spaces in Prague that do not currently achieve their full potential. We change the functions of these spaces and test their future use options. The Prague Tables & Chairs project has been managed by the Creative Prague platform since the spring of 2021. 

What should happen and why? What will change?

What should happen?

  • Chairs, tables and loungers in public spaces are an alternative or complement to classic benches.
  • Unlike city benches, this street furniture can be easily moved so you can adjust the seating arrangement exactly to your liking.
  • Thanks to the tables, the public space can be easily turned into a suitable place for lunch or work on a computer.
  • Today, the project operates under the auspices of the Creative Prague platform in cooperation with local partners from many city districts, cultural institutions, and local non-profit organizations. They all take care of the street furniture every day, then clean it and secure it for the night.
  • An annual open call in January to which anyone can apply if they can meet the given conditions is used to select specific places and local administrators.
  • The number of chairs has gradually increased from 300 to approximately 2 000 over the 5 years the project has operated, and the number of locations has risen from 8 to 80. 
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2016 
Completion: ongoing, a continuous project 

How much will it cost?

The project costs about 2 million a year, including the purchase of new street furniture, its maintenance, transport, and the salaries of external colleagues.         

Who will do the work?

IPR – Rozálie Kašparová, Alexandra F. Lipovská, Kristýna Kočová
Cooperation: TRADE CENTRE PRAHA a.s., HMP (Investment Department at Prague City Hall)
The project will be taken over by Creative Prague in 2021. 

Role of IPR

Project author 


Minor physical intervention

contact details

If you are interested in the Prague Tables & Chairs project: Alexandra F. Lipovská,, + 420 720 422 086

If you are interested in the Prague Tables & Chairs project: Kristýna Kočová,


For the media: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, 723 444 291, press spokesperson

How can you get involved?

Do you want to rent chairs for a one-time event?

You can!

Rules for the short-term rental of Prague Tables & Chairs

This year, for the first time, Prague Chairs also supports short-term events in public spaces. Are you organizing a movie screening or a neighborhood party and need some street furniture? We will be happy to rent you chairs.

Here are our terms and conditions:

  • The event must take place in a freely accessible public space in the City of Prague
  • It must be a non-profit cultural event (non-commercial use, the promotion of a private entity is not possible)
  • You will collect and return the street furniture from/to the central warehouse in Holešovice
  • You will supervise the street furniture and maintain it on site (keep it clean during the day, keep it secure at night)
  • Maximum quantity of rented street furniture: 80 chairs and 20 tables
  • Your application must be sent at least 12 calendar days before the start of the event
  • You must send photos from the event showing the chairs (for IPR promotional purposes)

Rules for year-round rental of Prague Tables and Chairs

We will be happy to support the revitalization of your location by renting you street furniture.

Each application will be assessed individually, taking into account the purpose of the event and the number of chairs and tables currently available. Sending an application does not automatically entitle you to rent street furniture. If you want to rent street furniture, contact Alexandra Lipovská by email at

However, you must comply with the following rules:

  • The area where the street furniture will be used must be open to the public
  • The furniture may not be used commercially
  • You will ensure regular supervision and maintenance of the street furniture on site (keep it clean during the day, keep it secure at night)
  • You must send photos of the location showing the chairs during the season (for IPR promotional purposes)
  • TCP will collect and return the street furniture from/to the central warehouse in Holešovice
  • Maximum numbers of rented street furniture: 80 chairs and 20 tables
  • If any street furniture is stolen, you must immediately report this fact to the relevant department of the Police of the Czech Republic. If the local operator does not submit a document on the report of the theft of street furniture to the Police of the Czech Republic, the transferor will not replace the furniture on site. The transferor also reserves the right to collect the remaining street furniture and terminate the rent of the furniture on the spot.

Where can you find tables & chairs? 2020/2021 winter season

The park in Koloděje

Žižkov – in front of the Atrium building in Žižkov


Pražská tržnice (Prague Market)

Dům u Kamenného zvonu (Stone Bell House)

The area in front of the Pilotů cinema

Botanická zahrada na Albertově (Botanical Garden at Albertov)

Hájovna na Cibulce

Palác Archa – Na Poříčí


Janáčkovo nábřeží

Smíchovská náplavka

Rašínovo nábřeží


Čakovice – chateau

Čakovice – Třeboradice

Nuselské schody

Řepy – U Průhonu

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague campus


Mariánské náměstí

Kasárny Karlín

Albertov campus

Vinořské náměstí

NG – Schwarzenberg Palace

Dolní Počernice

Dolní Měcholupy – Kutnohorská primary school


Tylovo náměstí

Nové náměstí

City Hall - offices of Deputy Hlaváček

Kostel Pražského Jezulátka (Church of Our Lady Victorious and of the Prague Infant Jesus)

Havlíčkovo náměstí

Nuselské schody

Štvanice island

Prosek – square


Prague Creative Center courtyard

Rudolfinum – Alšovo nábřeží

Sídliště Solidarita housing estate – Brigádníků primary school

Containall – Stalin

Courtyard at the Ďáblice housing estate