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Reconstruction of the Museum Oasis Has Been Completed In Accordance with IPR Plans

IPR Prague has completed the unique reconstruction of the “Museum Oasis”, or the area around the National Museum, including a new layout and new paving. The reconstructed space between the two museum buildings will enable the eventual return of trams to this area, and improves the flow of vehicle traffic while facilitating the movement of pedestrians and cyclists. The reconstructed square is one of the first places where the new prototype for Prague street furniture can be seen. The Museum Oasis was officially opened on October 29th, and the revitalization of the adjoining Čelakovské Sady will be completed in the first half of November.


The reconstruction of the Museum Oasis is part of a project for the complete modernization and revitalization of the area around the National Museum. The main aim is to unify the entire space; a two-way road has separated the two buildings of the museum for years. Thanks to the reconstruction, it is now possible to freely move throughout much of the area. The design includes new surfaces, transport routes, cycle paths and green space.

“I see it as returning the space to the people, and we also managed to finish in time for the celebrations marking the establishment of the republic.It is symbolic, because our history was often written in these places.We therefore hope that Prague citizens will be pleased with the modernization work, because this is a genuinely important public space.In addition, the first stage of the modernization of the lower part of Wenceslas Square was completed earlier in October and it will receive a facelift over the next year, so the whole area will be progressively transformed,” said Prague Mayor, Adriana Krnáčová.

“There can be no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful and important projects that IPR Prague has had the chance to realize in the five years of its existence.We managed not only to modernize the space, but also to prepare it for the future, whether we’re talking about trams or the humanization of the Magistrala road and its cohabitation with the city,” said Ondřej Boháč, Director of IPR Prague, referring to the Museum Oasis.

The entire space between the buildings will be harmonized using granite paving that refers back to the color of the restored façade of the National Museum. Fundamental to the project is the placement of 70 meters of tram track for a planned route which would link Vinohrady and the main railway station. The project also includes the use of single utility poles for both public lighting and tram lines, whose use IPR Prague has long advocated.

The area around the museum is one of the first places where the public can try out the winning benches and waste bins from the Prague street furniture design competition. The street furniture will also be exhibited at this year’s Designblok. 

The revitalization includes the planting of 60 trees and over 100,000 plants. The cost of modernizing the space, including the revitalization of Čelakovské Sady, did not exceed CZK 140 million.

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