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Tomáš Bojar, director and a recent winner of the Czech Lion Award, is filming a documentary about the Vltava Philharmonic Hall.

The Vltava Philharmonic Hall project continues according to its schedule. This currently means the completing of an architectural study by the Danish architectural studio Bjarke Ingels Group, which regularly meets and consults the details of the project with members of the Vltava Philharmonic Hall team.

At one of the last meetings of the Danish studio Bjarke Ingels Group, which is currently preparing an architectural study of the Vltava Philharmonic project, in addition to architects and experts, Tomáš Bojar's film crew also appeared. It documents the project of the future concert hall. Filming is not only in the current phase. It has also been going on in previous periods and should continue. Thanks to the time-consuming nature of the filming, film material is created that is significant not only as archival material, but above all as an authentic document of the creation of the Vltava Philharmonic.


The great added value of the entire filming is the very fact that it is led by one of the outstanding documentary Czech directors of the present. Tomáš Bojar has been involved in filmmaking since 2003, first as a screenwriter and a dramaturg, later also as a director and a producer. His films have been shown at many international film festivals, including the Karlovy Vary IFF, Visions du Réel Nyon, BAFICI Buenos Aires, London Open City Documentary Festival, DOXA Documentary Film Festival Vancouver, Kasseler Dok Fest and Edinburgh International Film Festival. They have also won a number of different domestic awards (Pavel Koutecký Prize, Česká radost at MDFD Jihlava, Golden Kingfisher at Final Plzeň, Trilobit Prize, etc.).


In 2022, he completed the film Art Test, which won the Proxima competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2022. At the beginning of March 2023, Tomáš Bojar won this year's Czech Lion Award in the Best Documentary category for this film together with Adéla Komrzý and Jakub Wagner. Bojar was also nominated in the same Czech Lion category for the documentaries FC Roma (2016) and Good Old Czechs (2022).


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