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The Governance of Land Use

IPR Prague coordinated Prague's input into the OECD report entitled "The Governance of Land Use in the Czech Republic, the Case of Prague." This in-depth study examines land use and governance trends in Prague and the broader metropolitan area, including the formal elements of the planning system and broader governance arrangements such as rural-urban partnerships. It provides a number of valuable recommendations on how to make land use policies more flexible and more effective.

The aim of these recommendations is to ensure the sustainable development of regional transportation and infrastructure, affordable housing and quality public amenities.

You can read the full report

OECD Study on Transport Policy

IPR Prague participated in an OECD analysis on the topic of transport policy. OECD experts came to Prague in November 2018 to interview local stakeholders about urban and regional transport needs. Their analysis investigated into how better targeted investment and transport policies could improve access to jobs and services.

The two days of interviews pinpointed some of the issues that Prague is facing, such as the high volumes of car traffic from the surrounding Central Bohemian Region entering Prague on a daily basis, a consequence of rapid suburbanization. On the other hand, Prague's system of public transport is an example of a good practice that it can share with other cities – both in the quality of its service and in the way it is operated through ROPID (Regional Organizer of Prague Integrated Transport). The other case studies being included in the analysis are Vancouver, Madrid, and parts of Romania.