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Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning

In September 2017, IPR opened the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP). The new information center offers an exhibition hall with unique large-screen projection facilities, a study room, a cafeteria, an outdoor terrace and an indoor amphitheatre. The rich programme includes public debates, appearances by local and foreign experts, workshops, screenings and other activities. 


CAMP's main mission is to improve the current form of public debate on the development of Prague. CAMP is not only intended to serve architects, designers and investors, but also city districts, NGOs and the population as a whole as a primary source of clear and accessible information on the capital city’s present and future form. 

In addition to its basic function as an information centre, CAMP also offers an exhibition hall with unique large-screen projection facilities, a study room, a cafeteria, an outdoor terrace and a modern conference hall, with a rich programme based on public debates, appearances by local and foreign experts, workshops, screenings and other activities.

The guarantor and implementer of CAMP is the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, a conceptual centre established by the Prague City Council to coordinate architecture, urban planning, development, creation and management activities for the city.

CAMP shares the same address as IPR Prague, in the centre of Prague, in Charles Square, within sight of the Emmaus Monastery. These modernistic buildings from the end of the 1960s were designed by the renowned Czech 20th century architect, Karel Prager, who also designed the Nová scéna building in the National Theatre, and the former Federal Assembly building – currently the National Museum. 

Credit: Benedikt Markel

While the mission of IPR Prague is to prepare strategic, urban and spatial development visions and documents, CAMP is the centre point for public sources of information and discourse on the development of Prague.


What is CAMP?

  • CAMP is a place /space (on the map of Prague and the mental map of architecture and urban planning as a discipline)
  • CAMP is an information centre (a platform to transmit information on the situation and the vision for the shape of the city to the public – permanent part of the exhibition)
  • CAMP is a universal exhibition hall (for short-term thematic exhibitions)
  • CAMP is a jousting field for stakeholders (the general public, developers, public administration, local government, planners)

Credit: Benedikt Markel

What does CAMP offer?

CAMP seeks to be an open platform, a “base camp” for anyone interested in the common planning and development of the capital city of the Czech Republic. IPR Prague is therefore offering CAMP space and facilities for use by third parties and encouraging all entities interested in developing the city to work together.


Investors can use our high-standard professional and communications facilities to present their new construction projects to the public.

NGOs can use the CAMP exhibition and lecture space to hold workshops and public debates.

Universities have the option of using a lecture hall holding one hundred people and equipped with state-of-the-art AV technology, including the possibility of recording or broadcasting life events from the Internet.

Primary and Secondary Schools can attend educational programmes focusing on architecture and urban planning that are designed for child audiences.

Artists and Architects can participate in the programme of exhibitions and installations as curatorial supervisors.

Young professionals can use our unique 20x4 mprojection screen for public and private presentations.

Students: we provide a calm and comfortable study room and presentation library containing Czech and, primarily foreign publications in the area of architecture, urbanism, urban planning, design, etc.

Publishers of professional literature can sell their publications in a bookshop right in the CAMP premises.

Organisers of architectural competitions can exhibit the winning designs in a professional exhibition space.

Credit: Benedikt Markel

If you are interested in working with us, please contact Štěpán Bärtl (, 723 657 669).


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