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European Mobility week in Prague

"Sharing gets you further" -- this is the motto of this year´s mobility week, which began on September 16 and ended with the International Car Free Day on Friday 22 September. Different solutions for clean, shared and intelligent mobility were presented.


There is much to share, but not everything always and with everyone. However, sharing is part of our everyday life without realizing it. We share the same space which is our city, we share the air we breathe and which affects our health. But we can also share the modes of transport. Trains, metro, trams, buses, cars, scooters or bicycles. Sharing economy in transportation saves our finances, time and space.

During the Mobility week projects about sustainable transport and new innovative trends were presented by experts, e.g. IPR Prague organized in cooperation with the Prague Integrated Transport Provider an event to promote a project of new urban railway tunnel under the city centre, called “Metro S”. The tunnel, which will have many new stations, will be used by urban and suburban trains (lines S). The goal of the project presentation was to start discussions about the tunnel and places where new stations should be built. Further events which took place are: Feel the city differently with neighbors and their stories, open days at the metro, tram and bus depots of Prague Transit Company and Public Transportation Museum in the old tram depot in Prague – Střešovice and cycling - riding along Prague routes.

The highlight of the Mobility Week was the celebration of the International Car Free Day on Friday. One of the current busy streets in Prague was temporary closed for motor vehicles for whole day and its space was dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists. In the “new” pedestrian zone in Štefánikova Street in Prague 5 the topics of active and sustainable transport, innovations in transport were presented as well as the Prague Sustainable Mobility Plan and further projects from IPR Prague.

More about the European Mobility Week:

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