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IPR is searching for a team to revitalize the Vltava River

Prague is continuing to revitalize the river landscape of the Troja Basin. Currently, IPR Prague is looking for a qualified interdisciplinary team for its “Wild Vltava” study,which, along with the Imperial Island Concept, will detail the natural expansion of the Vltava riverbed along Imperial Island, the creation of gravel islands and a broad-base terrace across the island.


The main objectives of the project are to improve water flow during floods, promote biodiversity, improve the quality and character of the floodplain landscape, and create an attractive place for recreational and educational activities near the river.

Performace specification

Assesment criteria


Detailed information about the tender:
IPR has announced the tender “Wild Vltava” Water Management Feasibility Study and Landscape Architecture Study. Importance is placed on quality, interdisciplinary and thoroughly discussed designs. The design team should include a water management engineer, architect and landscape architect. The assessment criteria emphasize the quality and experience of the design team. Bids will be assessed according to the portfolio of team member projects (40%), professional approach — a text document outlining the methods and experience of the team (30%), and the bid price (30%).  

Tender bids may be submitted up to 17 July 2019. International teams are welcome. The maximum project budget is CZK 4.2 mil. excl. VAT. For more information, visit - the call for tender is posted at the contracting authority’s profile.


Summary information about the concept and related projects
The cornerstone of the Wild Vltava Project is the Concept for Imperial Island and Broader Surroundings and the Action Plan approved by the Prague City Council in 2017 (more at The Action Plan contains over 30 sub-projects, including “Wild Vltava”, which is also part of the set of projects to be carried out under Revitalization and Flood Protection of the Troja Basin. In June and July, tenders will be announced for other studies: Flood Protection for the Zoological Gardens, Troja Embankment Design and the new connection of the Podbaba and Imperial Island areas to Troja with a new footbridge. These studies, along with Wild Vltava and other projects in the area, will be assessed in a coordinated manner using a mathematical and physical model. The “Wild Vltava” Project is also part of the city’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and the R1 realization programme for the Strategic Plan of Prague.

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