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The Prague Business Atlas—a new analysis from IPR

IPR has just published the Prague Business Atlas, a new analysis comparing the business environment of Prague and the Czech Republic to other European cities and countries.


Prague Business Atlas

What can you find out in the atlas?

  • In the Quality of Business Environment category, the Czech Republic ranked 38th out of 137 countries. The top-ranking countries were Switzerland, England and France. At the other end of the spectrum, the lowest ranking European countries were Romania, Croatia and Hungary.

  • The Czech Republic ranked first in unemployment at only 2.9%, outperforming Germany, England, Poland and Slovakia.

  • Prague ranked 63rd in the Innovation Cities Index 2018 behind Munich, Vienna and Berlin.
  • Prague ranked 94th in the Smart Cities Index 2018. Copenhagen, Cologne and Riga all ranked higher. Warsaw and Bratislava had lower rankings, however.
  • One in eight Czechs lived in Prague in 2018. Together with the Central Bohemian region, they account for a quarter of the country’s population. From 2001 to 2018, the number of people living in Prague increased by 12%. The population of the city is expected to continue rising in the future.





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