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The Ďáblice housing estate is a prized urban whole.

The Ďáblice housing estate is a prized urban whole. It has a relatively high amount of greenery and good transport infrastructure. It does, however, have shortcomings. For this reason the city decided to procure an urban design study to determine how to sensitively supplement and adjust the space. The MOBA studio took on the task of compiling a planning study after winning public procurement. The main task of the document is to maintain the unique identity of the housing estate, improve public space, improve the quality of local services and amenities, and verify possible future changes to the area. Places were also identified in which it would be possible to add to the built-up area in such a way as not to disrupt the current character of the estate. The study will serve as the basis of a Revitalization Plan. It could also become a template for the revitalization of other housing estates in Prague.

What should happen and why? What will change?

What should happen?

  • The design of a concept for a public space and parks, public amenities and infrastructure included.
  • Identifying places in which to add to the built-up area, including possible height, capacity and manner of use.
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2018



Participativní analýza sídliště za účasti veřejnosti – listopad a prosinec 2018
Odevzdání návrhu studie ke kontrole pořizovateli – polovina února 2019
Odevzdání návrhu studie k projednání – začátek května 2019
Projednání návrhu studie s veřejností – červen 2019

Completion: 2020

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?


The role of IPR prague 

The contracting authority of the conceptual study 


Conceptual study

Contact details

Questions and inquiries: Milan Brlík MSc., 236004575,, guarantor 

For the media: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, 723 444 291, press spokesperson


The City of Prague, the Municipal District and representatives of residents are in negotiations as a working party with investor CPI in an attempt to reach an agreement which would facilitate the transfer of certain Včela buildings to city ownership. These discussions are currently in their infancy, and we cannot say how they will turn out. If, however, we are able to reach agreement, the Včela buildings and land in Střelničná and Frýdlantská streets would come under the ownership of the City of Prague (and the management of the Municipal District of Prague 8). The city, Municipal District and residents would then be able to enter into more detailed discussions on the future use of the Včela buildings.

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