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Concept plan for the inner-block space at Vybíralova

Almost 40% of the population of the capital live in housing estates. We therefore see it as being necessary to systematically, carefully, and intelligently work on their revitalization. The inner-block space at Vybíralova in Černý Most is a model example of an approach to planning and revitalizing the housing estates of Prague. We carried out the project in close cooperation with the Municipal District of Prague 14 and the “Praha 14 kulturní” organisation. The involvement of local residents was also an integral part.

What should happen and why? What will change?

What should happen?

  • Revitalization of unused areas
  • Removing unnecessary fencing
  • Better public transport access - pleasant barrier-free path to the Metro
  • Safer streets
  • Quality parking
  • Toilets at the children’s play area
  • Higher quality management of greenery
  • An economical system of rainwater management
  • Establishing the position of custodian of the school sports complex, who will lend sporting equipment to the public
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2015
Completion: n/a

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?


The role of IPR prague

Compiler of the Revitalization Plan


Revitalization Plan

Contact details

Questions and inquiries: Milan Brlík MSc., 236004575,, guarantor 

Media contact: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, 723 444 291, press spokesperson