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This area holds great potential for recreation, and there are plans for its transformation and revitalization.

The Troja Basin, which also incorporates Imperial Island, is one of the largest and most valuable natural areas in Prague. This area holds great potential for recreation, and there are plans for its transformation and revitalization. The banks of the Vltava River will be restored to the state they were in approximately 100 years ago. The Imperial Island revitalization concept is based on the design of an interdisciplinary team which one the competitive workshop in 2015, and includes architect Petr Pelčák, landscape architect Eva Wagnerová, transport engineer Václav Malina, and water management engineer Miloslav Šindlar.

What should happen and why? What will change?

What has already been changed?

  • Landfill sites have been removed and treated; 
  • Prague has begun to maintain a neglected part of Imperial Island;
  • Preparations for the planting of new greenery have begun; and
  • A circular path around the area has been prepared by the Prague 7 municipal district and is in use.

What is happening now? 

  • A test study of the revitalization of the river, the Troja Embankment with the flood protection system for the zoo, and the connection from Papírenská street to Troja with a new footbridge is being prepared;
  • Various sub-projects are going through a challenging flood modelling phase and intense debate among stakeholders;
  • The final result should be approved by the City Council in the summer of 2021.

What will happen?

The Troja Embankment 

  • The river will be revitalized; and 
  • New natural and recreational areas with high-quality public space will be created.

Revitalization of the Divoká Vltava River 

restoration of the river where it passes Imperial Island.

  • Improvement of conditions for the passage of flood water through the Vltava River;
  • Improvements to flood protection;
  • Creation of a natural flood park - the new recreational heart of the Troja Embankment;
  • Restoration of the hydromorphological conditions of the Vltava River in the Troja Embankment;
  • Restoration and development of natural ecological relationships, support for biodiversity, and target species habitats;
  • Creation of a migration passageway at the Troja weir;
  • Restoration of the water meadow and river watercourse landscape values - from the perceptual and cultural points of view;
  • Creation of new opportunities for recreation, play, and leisure time for the inhabitants of Prague;
  • Creation of opportunities for education and awareness; and
  • Strengthening the relationship of the inhabitants of the Troja Basin to the area and identity.

Stromovka Embankment

  • improved connection between Stromovka and the river itself 

Connection: Troja, Imperial Island, and Bubeneč

a new pedestrian and bicycle connection across the Vltava River from Bubeneč to Troja

  • Examination of measures to improve pedestrian access to the locality;
  • Coordination of plans and improving the effectiveness of planned investments;
  • Check of the footbridge location;
  • Improving conditions for walking and cycling;
  • Check of the method of use of the wider defined area and sub-localities; and
  • Improving the condition of the landscape.

Park U Vody – a new park in the Troja Basin

  • The Prague 7 municipal district is preparing to transform the Vltava Embankment to the north of Varhulíková Street between the Holešovice Port and Barikádníků Bridge. 
  • An urban-landscape competition was announced in the autumn of 2020.

Water sports park

  • creation of a new slalom canal on the right bank at the Troja weir 
About the project

Project base points


Commencement: 2015
Completion: 2030

How much will it cost?


Who will do the work?

Petr Pelčák, Pelčák a partner architekti 
Eva Wagnerová, krajinářská architektura
Václav Malina, Ateliér DUA
Miloslav Šindlar, ŠINDLAR

The role of IPR Prague

Conceptual study contracting authority 


Conceptual study

Contact details

For project queries, please contactIng. arch. Iva Schneiderová,, +420 601 392 403, Pre-project and Project Activity Coordinator for the Troja Basin and Imperial Island; or MgA. Marek Kundrata, +420 236 004 634,, Project Guarantor

For media queries, please contact: Mgr. Marek Vácha,, +420 723 444 291, Press Spokesperson

2017 Concept

The Troja Embankment has thus far lacked a universally shared territorial development concept. 


On 29/8/2017, Prague City Council approved the Action Plan and the Concept for the Overall Landscape Solution for Imperial Island and its surroundings.