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The National Museum has entered the 21st century. The general reconstruction of one of Prague's most important institutions took 42 months. A new vision of the museum's surroundings was developed by architects from IPR.

In addition to the historic building, the adjacent public space, including Čelakovského sady, has also undergone a transformation. Preparations for the construction of the new tram line Vinohradská - Václavské náměstí were also part of the project. The most modern methods were used for planting trees and flowers, and new uniform Prague furniture was incorporated into the space. It is therefore a comprehensive architectural, landscape and transport approach to the current solution of an intensively used public space in the city center. The transformation of this location has become, among other things, a pilot project for the transformation of the character of the area along the North-South Arterial Road. The revitalisation of the area around the National Museum was awarded second place in the Park of the Year 2019 competition.

What happened and why? What changed?

What happened?

  • The overall beautification of the surroundings of the National Museum
  • Creation of a new public space between the buildings of the National Museum
  • Passage of car traffic still allowed
  • Enhanced possibility of cyclists' passage
  • Introduction of a unifying element - a specific bright granite pavement in the Prague large cube format, which relates to the renewed color scheme of the National Museum building
  • Implementation of traffic changes in connection with the reconstruction of Vinohradská Street
  • Addition of widening pedestrian crossings
  • Addition of trees placed directly in the pavement with increased gaps around them - this will ensure better water retention
  • Renovation of the Čelakovský orchards with regard to safety and visibility in the park
  • New connection to the tram line on Vinohradská and Škrétova Street
  • Extension of the island of the tram stop Muzeum
  • Realization of a pilot site, where benches, rubbish bins and bicycle racks were placed, resulting from a design competition for new Prague furniture
About the project

Project base points


Launch (study): 2017

Completion (design and implementation): 2018


approx. 120 mil. CZK


IPR Prague, VPÚ DECO PRAHA, a. s.

Ing. Arch. Jakub Hendrych, IPR Praha

Co-authors of the architectural design: MgA. Viktória Mravčáková and Rozálie Kašparová, MSc., IPR Prague

Authors of the landscape design: Ing. Ondřej Fous, Ing. Ing. Michaela Sinkulová, David Hora, DiS.


The National Museum, the City of Prague, the Municipality of Prague 1, the Prague Technical Administration of Roads, the Prague Transport Company


Contractor for the National Museum: the Association Metrostav, a. s., PRŮMSTAV, a. s., IMOS Brno, a. s.

Contractor for TSK Praha, a. s.: INPROS PRAHA, a. s., DPP, a. s.

Supplier of pavements: SATES ČECHY, s.r.o.

Coordination of the landscape part of the construction: Ing. Jan Řezníček, Jaroslav Pešička

Landscape contractor: Association for the Establishment and Maintenance of Greenery, z. s. (patronage), GARPEN ZAHRADNICKÁ, spol. s r. o. (main contractor)






Second place in the Park of the Year 2019 competition, organized by the Association for the Establishment and Maintenance of Greenery