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The city has only begun to delve into the discipline of participatory urban planning in recent years. While certain Prague institutions and districts have already incorporated participatory planning into their regular practices, they remain the exception rather than the rule.

The Planning Coordinators Program aims to make participation a standard practice in Prague, leveling the playing field and ensuring equal opportunities for involvement across all city districts. Participatory planning involves all stakeholders, including the public, fostering discussions about the project from the very beginning. Projects that adopt this participatory approach are more likely to be implemented efficiently and swiftly.

Case Studies of Planning Coordinators

The Planning Coordinators Program has been active in the city districts of Prague since 2020. Explore case studies of specific projects from the program for inspiration.

Explore case studies

The Planning Coordinator's Manual

A concise guide to participatory projects: This manual provides essential materials and examples for preparing individual activities, tools, project briefs, tenders, and other necessary resources. It will assist you in planning projects, monitoring activities, evaluating output quality, and facilitating effective communication with the IPR Prague team, city organizations, and their contractors.

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