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A concise guide to participatory projects: This manual provides essential materials and examples for preparing individual activities, tools, project briefs, tenders, and other necessary resources. It will assist you in planning projects, monitoring progress of activities, evaluating output quality, and facilitating effective communication with the IPR Prague team, city organizations, and their contractors.

Within the Planning Coordinators Program, it is envisioned that each participating city district will implement 2 - 3 pilot projects addressing their specific needs and challenges. These projects may include revitalizing public spaces, preparing a strategic plan for the district, thematic planning, participatory budgeting, and strategies for urban groups.

Each project is structured into 11 activities, with specific steps such as material preparation, meeting organization, and output creation. These steps are detailed in the manual. Activities are organized into different project phases, indicating the stage of the project you are in. While successful project completion typically requires partial fulfillment of each activity, the order is flexible, and some activities can be executed simultaneously as indicated in the ‘parallel activities’ section of each activity. See also this timeline