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The SPIMA project (Spatial Dynamics and Strategic Planning in Metropolitan Areas) was part of a targeted analysis managed by ESPON (European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion).

ESPON conducts comprehensive spatial observations to generate studies about spatial developments. Targeted analysis projects like SPIMA aim to capture and provide perspectives of European policies to national development policy levels.

In addition to Prague, the cities of Oslo, Brussels, Lille, Lyon, Zürich, Brno, Vienna, Terrassa, and Turin participated in the SPIMA project. The main topic of the study was the functioning of spatial development in metropolitan areas. It examined how work in multi-level governance systems in metropolitan regions can be more collaborative, and how arrangements and agreements between participating stakeholders can best be made. The project included the collection of information about the current state of spatial planning and policies in metropolitan areas, and sought to identify strategies and methods which support best practices at the metropolitan scale.

The outcome was a series of recommendations for successful metropolitan development and a sound policy structure.


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