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This popular application shows Two Pragues

Where did the Vltava flow in our great-grandparents’ time? When was the Jižní město housing estate built? How has Karlín changed since the Velvet Revolution in 1989? And what has changed in your neighbourhood?

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The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) presents a clear comparison of two views of Prague on the popular website www.dveprahy.cz : one example is aerial photographs from 1953 set against views taken sixty years later. This application has recently been significantly expanded to include historical plans of Prague from 1842 to 1944. People can compare plans from the past with the current map, or aerial photographs with any plans from the First Republic or later periods.

“Prague residents can easily see how their district looked in the last century or the one before that by using this application,” says IPR Director, Petr Hlaváček. The published documents can be used to follow the urbanistic development of Prague or for a wide variety of school projects.

The IPR also operates the www.geoportalpraha.cz server, which contains a range of different maps. Anyone can log in to view items such as the noise map of Prague, which shows the level of noise pollution in each Prague street. It also offers a price map or a georeport (which generates all the available information concerning a specific location or plot of land) and much more. “In the future we plan to present other topics to those currently on the Geoportal in the same way,” adds Hlaváček.

The Two Pragues application can be accessed on www.dveprahy.cz, and you can find the Prague Geoportal website on www.geoportalpraha.cz.

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Ilustrační obrázek aktuality

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