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Císařský ostrov - Exhibition 2016

An exhition about the coexistence of mankind and rivers took place on Císařský ostrov in 2016.

"The river enchants us, if we are able to feel its magic the river warns us, if we try to bind it the river gives, if we respect it."

Ilustrační obrázek aktuality

The exhibition relates something of the parallel lives of man and the river in the Troja Basin. It is stemming from the belief that this shared history is a valuable information source. We are just as dependent on the river as we ever were, only this is easily forgotten today and so we make mistakes. We do not realise that even seemingly unrelated human activity can seriously disrupt our relationship with the river. The signs of our cohabitation are clearly written into the countryside and we will be happy if the exhibition motivates you to take a closer look at them.

As Man’s use of the river in the Troja Basin has a long history. It has not always been in conflict with the natural characteristics of the river landscape, and need not be so today. We must however place the river in the centre of our attention and care for it holistically. As an immediate, living landscape it can then offer us its gifts. We believe that such care is possible — and good examples already exist. With this exhibition we want to contribute to the mosaic of activities leading to changing our approach to the river and its needs.

The exhibition was located at Vltava riverfront in Troja in the summer 2016. It was visited by 22 000 people and accompanied by discussions and educational games for children.


Materials to download


You can download the concept of the overall landscape solution and the Action Plan from www.iprpraha.cz/cisarskyostrov. (Czech)

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