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Prague to Launch Competition for Vítězné Náměstí Redesign in April

The Prague City Council has approved the dates for the launch of an international urban planning competition for the redesign of Vítězné Náměstí in Prague 6. The competition will address public spaces and complex transport connections in one of the biggest squares in Prague, and will be launched by the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague) on 15 April 2018.

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One of the main problems of Vítězné Náměstí is heavy traffic, which has worsened in recent years with the opening of the Blanka tunnel. At the same time, the way in which the square has been divided creates an unpleasant environment for the inhabitants of Prague 6. The complicated traffic crossings constitute a constant risk of conflict between cars and pedestrians. The intent of the urban planning competition is to find the best possible solution to the current layout of the square and eliminate these problems.

"The main goal of the competition is to calm traffic and return the square to the inhabitants of Prague. The result should be a square where it is possible to sit under the trees or to transfer comfortably between the metro, bus and tram,” said Deputy Mayor Petra Kolínská.

 The proposed two-round competition will allow for a wide range of participants/architects to take part. Peter Heath, the British architect behind the new Trafalgar Square in London, has preliminarily confirmed sitting on the jury, which will also include Deputy Mayor Petra Kolínská and Mayor Adriana Krnáčová.

"The design should revive the neighbourhood around Vítězné Náměstí, while respecting the basic principles of Professor Engel's original plan. I believe that this challenge will attract a lot of interesting design proposals from the Czech Republic and abroad,” commented IPR Prague Director, Ondřej Boháč. 

 To make it easier for all key stakeholders to reach a consensus on the redesign, the Prague City Council has appointed a working group whose mission is to formulate the requirements for the area concerned. The working group consists of representatives from the City, Prague 6, IPR, the Czech Technical University, and the University of Chemistry and Technology. The recommendations of the working group will be central to the process of preparing the competition.

Prague City Hall will be the investor in the project that is ultimately selected from the two-round architectural and planning competition. The total amount set aside for competition prizes and reimbursements is CZK 3.3 million.


Click here to read more details about the competition.

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