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Interested in construction currently underway? You can now find all planned projects in one place.

The Prague Tomorrow? web portal presents the future development projects planned for Prague. The website currently lists 184 projects in different stages of development, including those in the conceptual stage, those with construction underway, and projects that have recently been completed. The portal includes new buildings, bridges, public spaces and even entire neighbourhoods. All of the projects gathered on the portal have already been part of the three Prague Tomorrow? exhibitions held at the Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP). If you missed these exhibitions at CAMP, you can now view them online thanks to the new web portal.

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Web portal

“The database aims to inform Prague residents of the developments already underway in the capital city and the interesting projects being prepared. We believe this up-to-date and accessible information about development projects will contribute to giving Prague residents an optimistic outlook on architecture and development,” said the Deputy Mayor for Territorial Development, Petr Hlaváček.

Visitors to the portal can look up projects by location or name, and filter results according to project stage and district.

“We asked investors about five things—what they are building, where, what it will look like, how much it will cost, and when it will be completed,” explained the Director of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR), Ondřej Boháč.

The new website displays basic information about each project, including its location, investor, architect and the total investment amount. The portal also includes visualisations and expected completion dates.

“We hope that these projects will attract more visitors to CAMP who are interested in the development of the city,” added Boháč.

The Prague Tomorrow? exhibitions held at CAMP were the initial step towards creating a comprehensive database of construction and development projects, ranging from the minor development of urban vacant lots, to the reconstruction of entire streets and squares, all the way to the development of large transformational areas. It is these large areas, most of which have lost their original industrial or transportation uses and remain unused and neglected, which are emphasized. New plans for many of these areas already exist and they are now accessible on the Prague Tomorrow? web portal.

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