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Thanks to the Prague Building Regulations (PBR), Prague's building principles are finally in line with those common to other developed European cities.

The new building regulations, approved in May 2016, provide solutions to urban issues such as the disintegration of the city structure and the economic, environmental, and social ramifications thereof.

Do you have any questions about Prague Building Regulations?

You can buy them in CAMP or even in PageFive. The official EU translation of the regulations from October 24, 2015 is available for download from the link below.
If you have any questions contact our colleagues from Prague City Hall. 

Official EU translation of the regulations

Unlike previous regulations, the PBR are based on the assumption that buildings are not solitary structures, but structures that lend the city its general appearance. They must, therefore, match the surroundings. The regulations set out new rules for the relationship between buildings, streets and squares. They also focus on the quality of public spaces and endorse the idea of a compact city with short distances and low demands on traffic and technical infrastructure.

In addition, they amend certain technical requirements for new developments which were deemed as overly strict in the previous regulations. The creators of the 2016 regulations took their inspiration from the tried and tested building regulations of cities that regularly place at the top of life quality indexes, such as Vienna and Berlin.