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Our aim is to help municipal institutions and urban planning practitioners gain a better understanding of participatory urban planning. Here at BaseCamp you can find the ideal solution for your participatory projects. 

Despite its relatively recent origins, participatory planning is becoming the go-to approach to any urban development project. Public involvement in urban planning processes cannot always follow the same template. Every city and every municipality is unique and as such every project - from the revitalization of public spaces to strategic planning - requires a different participatory approach. It is therefore essential that practitioners in the field of participatory planning have a repertoire of different participatory methods and processes at their disposal. Here at BaseCamp, you will find online trainings of the most important skills for participatory planning, a glossary of frequently used terms, and a selection of case studies from the Czech Republic and Prague-based program of Participation Coordinators, as well as case studies from other European countries.

If you would like more information or wish to collaborate with the IPR Prague Participation Office, please contact us at participace@ipr.praha.eu.


Planning Coordinators

The Planning Coordinators Program aims to make participation a standard practice in Prague, ensuring equal opportunities for involvement across all city districts. Participatory planning involves all stakeholders, including the public, fostering discussions about the project from the very beginning. Projects that adopt this participatory approach are more likely to be implemented efficiently and swiftly.

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The Planning Coordinator's Manual

A concise guide to participatory projects: This manual provides essential materials and examples for preparing individual activities, tools, project briefs, tenders, and other necessary resources. It will assist you in planning projects, monitoring activities, evaluating output quality, and facilitating effective communication with the IPR Prague team, city organizations, and their contractors.

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Live event


IPR Prague, in collaboration with Participation Factory, hosted the inaugural Czech-Slovak participation hackathon. The primary objective of Parti.Hackathon is to connect professionals from the Czech Republic and Slovakia who are interested in participatory planning.

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Czech Case Studies

In the Czech Republic, participatory planning is on the rise with the number of projects increasing every year. In this section, you will find case studies from the Prague-based program of Planning Coordinators.

Czech participatory projects

Case Studies from Abroad

Get inspired by examples of participatory projects implemented in other European cities. In this section, you will find case studies of participatory approaches to strategic planning, investment projects, revitalization of public spaces, participatory budgeting and more. 

European participatory projects

Glossary of Participatory Planning Terms

A glossary of the most frequently used terms in participatory planning. Here you will find definitions of terms, descriptions of participatory methods, and people, organizations and books related to participation in urban development.

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Citizens' Assemblies

Citizens' Assemblies are a form of deliberative democracy, wherein citizens create well-informed recommendations for public administration bodies, thereby facilitating public involvement in decision-making processes. They are commonly used to address issues that have reached an impasse and face challenges in gathering unified political and public support.

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